Consist of material cylinder, screw mechanism, clamp, cutter and conveyor, control cabinet and touch screen.

Main Features

1 Add powder material to the cylinder, material is pressed by
pressure, and the cylinder pressure can be set and controlled.
2 The powder is extruded by rotary screw which is driven by
precision motor and the speed of extruding is adjustable.
3 The cutter completes the quantitative cutting of the powder
4 The cut powder material is conveyed by the conveyor belt with
adjustable speed.
5 Various kinds of discharge molds can be configured to meet the
requirements of different cutting shapes.
6 Human Machine Interface(HMI)touch screen to provide auto,
manual, and operational modes, cutting timing time, cylinder
pressure and screw speed can be set and displayed.
High precision Extrusion and cutting machine
Molding abrasive